Everywhere in Utah—So your wife has just asked you for $15,000 to become a LulaRoe sales rep and you’re not sure what to do next. Well stop your worrying because The Silver Plates has put together the definitive guide on how to prevent your wife from joining yet another pyramid scheme.

Step 1: Just say no.

It’s really no different than the D.A.R.E. program you took back in high school. Just like no one can force you to take drugs, no one can force you to take out a loan to sell leggings either. So just say no.

Steps 2 – ∞: Just say no.

I know what you’re thinking… Isn’t my wife supposed to be an equal partner in the finances? No. Not when she’s trying to mortgage the house to join Amway. (Does anybody even know what they sell?)

Here are some common things your wife will probably tell you to try and change your mind:

  • I can make money from home.
  • You’re always telling me I need a hobby.
  • You can quit your job.
  • You’ll be rich enough to become a stake president.

Okay, she won’t say that last one, but you’ll be thinking it.

The point is, don’t listen. And whatever you do, don’t go to the bishop for help—his wife is probably the one trying to get her to join!