Fort Knox, KY—It’s long been known that Mormon founder Joseph Smith did some treasure hunting back in his day. What wasn’t known, however, was just how successful his efforts really were. A recent discovery has revealed that about 90% of the gold stored at the famous U.S. bullion depository actually was found by and once belonged to the Prophet Joseph Smith.

“I was moving one of the gold bars one day for some spring cleaning,” describes the employee who made the discovery, “and I noticed a strange engraving on the bottom. It said, ‘property of Joe Smith,’ and next to that was a little picture of a salamander.” Setting the bar aside, the employee, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that he began seeing the same markings on every single bar.

Historians have verified that the engravings were actually made by Smith and that the value of the gold is estimated to be a freaking butt-ton of money.

The LDS Church has already made a claim to the gold stating, “We have another mall we’d like to build and this gold would certainly help defray the costs of that project.”