Salt Lake City, UT—Mormon Leaks has released security camera footage taken in 1890 of a conversation between the Lord and Wilford Woodruff that took place in the Salt Lake Temple wherein the Lord gave President Woodruff instructions regarding the future of polygamy.

“Look,” Jehovah began, “I know Joseph was tarred and feathered and many of my early saints were beaten and killed for living this and other principals of my eternal gospel, but the United States government is pretty mad at you guys right now and I see no way out of this myself. Maybe you should try giving in to their demands; If you don’t you guys are probably screwed.”

Current church president Russell M. Nelson weighed in on the matter: “I was unaware that such a recording existed. If I did, I would have published it much earlier. This footage PROVES once and for all that Official Declaration 1 was a revelation from God. Now we can finally take that thing out of the appendix.”