Salt Lake City, UT—A live Face-to-Face event was derailed last Sunday due to an audience member asking an unscripted question.

Alex Garcia, a member from Pocatello, Idaho, was supposed to ask: “How do you #HearHim in today’s fast paced world?” or something boring like that. Instead, in a moment of spontaneous free thinking, Garcia asked: “Was the priesthood ban on blacks a revelation or not?”

Bewildered, Presidents Oaks and Ballard began quickly thumbing though papers and note cards hoping to find a prewritten answer somewhere. The two senior church leaders quickly realized that the question was not a planned one, however. After several uneasy moments of silence and confusion President Oaks found a red notecard labeled “Difficult Questions”. He quickly began reading: “I could answer that question for you, but it is more important that you find the answer for yourself.”

Reportedly, the church has cancelled all future Face-to-Face events out of a concern that such an unexpected moment could happen again. Alex Garcia is currently awaiting his disciplinary council… excuse me, membership council.