Kirtland, OH—Many claim that Joseph Smith never meant to deny black men ordination to the priesthood citing the 1836 ordination of Elijah Abel as evidence of this intention. There’s only one problem with this story—Joseph Smith didn’t know Elijah Abel was black.

Recently discovered journals by the prophet prove that Smith never knew Abel carried Canaanite blood. “I regret having approved of the ordination of Brother A[bel],” wrote Smith privately, “I never knew he had one drop of the blood of Ham in him at all. And who could blame me? I regularly see Gentiles who have darker skin.”

Confusion came to historians for many years, because the only pictures of Abel are in black and white. With the help of advanced photo technology, never before available, historians have scientifically proved that Abel looked kinda white. Being only one-eighth black it was probably very hard for anyone to discover Abel’s lineage by simply looking at him.