American Fork, UT—A Utah mommy blogger went to social media to promote a new phenomena spreading like wild fire along the I-15 corridor. Her claim: Imperfection is the new perfection.

“If I’m understanding the last few general conferences correctly, it’s not good to be a perfectionist so I’ve decided to take this inspired council to show the world that I’m a better imperfectionist than everyone in my ward family.”

The mommy blogger likes to spend most of her time telling friends about how much she doesn’t get along with her oldest daughter; all the foods her son can and can’t eat due to some rare disease that science has yet to define; and praise her lazy stay-at-home husband as the only thing holding her vulnerable self together.

“My husband and kids are so full of problems that my friends are starting to get jealous of how imperfect my family is… They think I’m making things up so I can look more imperfect than them. But I don’t care what they think. My goal is to raise the most vulnerable little humans that this world has ever dreaded,” The mom said.