The church has published a new online resource called Mormon and Straight for members who experience opposite-sex attraction.

The new resource explains, “The most common label for those who experience opposite-sex attraction is straight (a woman attracted to men, or a man attracted to women). Others labels include heterosexual and normal.”

A list of commonly asked questions about straightness help clarify the church’s positions and procedures about opposite-sex attraction. Here are some examples:

Does God love me?


What causes opposite-sex attraction?


Is feeling opposite-sex attraction a sin?

Feelings of opposite-sex attraction are not sinful. While opposite-sex attraction is not a sin, it can be a challenge, especially for straight men.

What should I do if I am straight?

Get married.

How do I know if I’m straight?

If you’re a woman, read a romance novel. If you’re a man, walk through the women’s swimsuit department of your local Walmart or Target. If you’re straight—you’ll know.

Should I come out as straight?

Yes. Although, you should remember that the more you insist that you’re straight, the less people will believe you.

If I’m faithful enough, will my opposite-sex attraction go away?


Does the plan of salvation apply to straight people?

Yes. You might even say being straight is the plan of salvation.

The resource also helps church leaders in their efforts to minister to straight members of the church. “Create an atmosphere of kindness, inclusion, and respect,” the website says. “All are welcome. All are needed.”