Saratoga Springs, UT—After her groundbreaking video about Joseph Smith’s first vision, popular Mormon YouTube star Haleigh Everts has released a witty, cutting edge book titled Church History for Bimbos.

Everts pulls no punches as she discusses topics such as the historicity of the Book of Abraham, DNA evidence for the Book of Mormon, and what are the best eyelash extensions.

What people are saying about Church History for Bimbos:

“A watershed moment in church history research.” —Leonard Arrington, author of Brigham Young: American Moses

“Finally an anti-Mormon read that speaks to members too dumb to understand what I’m saying.” —John Dehlin, creator and host of Mormon Stories

“More significant and more honest than History of the Church by Joseph Smith Jr.” —Paul V. Johnson, CES Commissioner

“A great coffee table book!” —Russell M. Nelson

This book was not actually written by Everts, however, but by a smart guy who is able to translate Bimbo into English. Church History for Bimbos is available at Deseret Book.