Do you feel trapped in that Salt Lake City based Mormon church? Are you dissatisfied with the Church’s cosmetic changes? Is what you really want a rebuild instead of a renovation? Do you wish the progressive slide in the Church were more like a bullet train? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to consider membership in the Community of Christ. Here are 10 reasons the Community of Christ might just be the church for you:

  1. They have the true authority. At the very least, coming from Joseph Smith III sounds pretty legit right?
  2. Homosexual marriage. This is a big one. It’s 2021… No church is true that doesn’t embrace homosexuality.
  3. No Masonic temple rituals. Imagine not having to keep your rituals secret from the entire world who can look them up on YouTube… sound liberating?
  4. Women hold the priesthood. Duh. But wait… shouldn’t they call it priestesshood?
  5. No polygamy. Emma Smith denied it. The Community of Christ denied it. Now it’s your turn!
  6. Emma Smith is Queen. Speaking of Emma Smith, aren’t you tired of attending Brigham Young’s church? That guy was SO mean to Emma! Why not attend church where Emma Smith has her rightful place as Matriarch? (Did we mention no Brigham Young!?)
  7. The Book of Mormon is a parable; not history. If the Book of Mormon is true history that would make God racist. If the Book of Mormon is just a made up story to teach good principles then only Joseph Smith is racist.
  8. No Book of Abraham. No more Kolob. No more funny Egyptian pictures. No more mummies, intelligences, or Adamic language…
  9. No more becoming Gods! This means you will be more likeable to Christians—the Holy Grail for Mormons.
  10. You’ll save an extra 10% of your income. If none of these other things matter to you, just know that making the switch from that Salt Lake based church will be like instantly getting a 10% raise!