Salt Lake City, UT—LDS Church officials have released a public document listing the preferred pronouns of every member of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. The Church’s stated purpose for publishing such a list is to, “comply with the trending norms on social media.”

“Snatching up hot internet trends is what we do best,” said Elder Quentin L. Cook (He/Him), “and I think that this bold move will finally make every progressive member of the Church happy. How could it not?”

President NelsonHe/Him
President OaksHe/Him
President EyringHe/Him
President BallardHe/Him
Elder HollandHe/Him
Elder UchtdorfHe/Him
Elder BednarHe/Him
Elder CookHe/Him
Elder ChristoffersonHe/Him
Elder AndersenHe/Him
Elder RasbandHe/Him
Elder StevensonHe/Him
Elder RenlundHe/Him
Elder GongHe/Him
Elder SoaresHe/Him