Provo, UT—Evan McMullin and his dedicated handful of never Trump supporters have a restored faith that he’ll win the 2020 Presidential Election, but like the 2016 election, in order to do so he must win a handful of states, then both Trump and Biden can’t get to the magic 270, then the senate needs to vote and for some reason choose McMullin for no aperenet reason. But as Lloyd on Dumb and Dumber would say, “So your say’n there’s a chance.”

In 2016 a pyramid scam was started in Utah called the elect Evan McMullin scam. It gained many followers, but like all scams, what was promised never happened and Evan McMullin supporters where sold short and left wondering what had happened to their dignity.

“I may not be on a single state ballot in any of the 50 States, but I still see myself as the obvious frontrunner. People want to vote their conscience, and everyone knows that I’m the man in the forefront of everyones conscience in such a divided election,” insisted McMullin as he took a big bite of an Egg McMuffin.