BYU is starting its second week of classes Tuesday, and says it is now considering revoking temple recommends for students seen on campus without a mask—that means denying temple recommends to students who have not yet been to the temple, and revoking them for those who have already been endowed.

When asked if the punishment was over the top, BYU President Kevin J. Worthen stated that, “The scriptures teach that the shedding of innocent blood will prevent a person from receiving their exaltation—it happened to King David—and not wearing a mask is akin to the shedding of innocent blood.”

The idea is surprisingly popular among BYU’s student body. Carla Hernandez, an International Social Justice major, said that, “Someone who is not capable of showing compassion (by wearing a mask) does not deserve to go to the Celestial Kingdom.”

Jessica Powell, a student who became famous for a sign she brought to this year’s Honor Code protest, emphasized the importance of being a tattletale. “Yes I did say, ‘Jesus ain’t no snitch,’ but that’s only when you break the law of chastity. If you’re not wearing a mask, then Jesus would definitely snitch on you.”

The above signs were intended ONLY to protest BYU enforcing Honor Code violations such as breaking the law of chastity or drinking alcohol. They were NOT intended to apply to breaking COVID-19 regulations.

The school said it would be up to the students whether they implement the punishment. “If we continue to see students trying to enjoy themselves outside without masks on, then we’ll have no choice but to go forward with the penalties. It is for their safety and the safety of our community.”

If you would like to turn in a friend or loved one for non-compliance with COVID-19 regulations, please call (801) 422-NARC.