Provo, UT—BYU recently made changes to its honor code relating to homosexual dating. Shortly after, a small group of BYU students took to the campus to read the Church’s official stance on marriage found in “The Family: A Proclamation to the World.”

This event caused quite a stir. Astrid Melendez is one of many BYU students that appeared bothered by this public reading of the Proclamation. Melendez began tearing up as she told reporters, “I’m a person of color in a very white space, and sometimes I feel scared, because I come into these places where I’m the only one who can defend a whole race of people.”

It’s not yet certain if Melendez was describing her favorite zombie apocalypse video game in which she saves an entire race of people from flesh eating zombies, or if she really thinks the safety and well-being of an entire race of people actually rests upon her shoulders alone.

Perhaps the one thing made clear in Melendez’s statement is that minority privilege is real. This privilege gives “people of color” like Melendez the right to say that she’s scared of being around white people without being tagged a racist.

The video don’t lie.